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WILLWireless In Local Loop
WILLWeakside Linebacker (football)
WILLWireless Local Loop
WILLWomen in Law Leadership (American Bar Association)
WILLWomen in Learning and Leadership
WILLWomen Involved in Learning and Leading (Tuscaloosa, Alabama)
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I gathered that the troublesome woman was ailing, and as one who likes after dinner to believe that there is no distress in the world, I desired to be told by William that the signals meant her return to health.
"William, how dare you," I said, but in the same moment I saw that this father might be useful to me.
"Prithee, play the part of a chorus, good Doctor Byles," said Sir William Howe.
Then comes Sir William Phipps, shepherd, cooper, sea-captain, and governor--may many of his countrymen rise as high from as low an origin!
William Price's commission as Second Lieutenant of H.M.
"And I wonder," William proceeded, with some caution, "what the truth about you is?
"There were four," he said--"Ramon Gallegos, William Shaw, George W.
The search was made, and it ended--in William Dane's finding the well-known bag, empty, tucked behind the chest of drawers in Silas's chamber!
James Williams, you would have guessed, was about twenty-four.
"Hullo!" exclaimed Williams, looking at Tom with great surprise for a moment, and then giving him a sudden dig in the ribs with his elbow, which sent Tom's books flying on to the floor, and called the attention of the master, who turned suddenly round, and seeing the state of things, said, -
"Yes, Charley," replied Grandfather; "but when Roger Williams travelled thither, over hills and valleys, and through the tangled woods, and across swamps and streams, it was a journey of several days.
Wash Williams did not associate with the men of the town in which he lived.