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WILLWireless In Local Loop
WILLWeakside Linebacker (football)
WILLWomen in Law Leadership (American Bar Association)
WILLWomen in Learning and Leadership
WILLWomen Involved in Learning and Leading (Tuscaloosa, Alabama)
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Brother," said William, "how do I know what you may have done in the secret chambers of your heart, to give Satan an advantage over you?
Don't be an ass and get angry," William continued; "it's all for your own good.
Darcy stood near them in silent indignation at such a mode of passing the evening, to the exclusion of all conversation, and was too much engrossed by his thoughts to perceive that Sir William Lucas was his neighbour, till Sir William thus began:
Some surprise had been expressed that a person of Colonel Joliffe's known Whig principles, though now too old to take an active part in the contest, should have remained in Boston during the siege, and especially that he should consent to show himself in the mansion of Sir William Howe.
And did Sir William Phips put in these screws with his own hands?
Yes, depend upon me it shall: it shall go with the other letters; and, as your uncle will frank it, it will cost William nothing.
But he was off like a deer after the shot that killed poor William Kirwan was fired.
The bull softened down, and stood still, looking hard at William Dewy, who fiddled on and on; till a sort of a smile stole over the bull's face.
Here stand I, William of the Scar, against any man.
William rose also, and stood in front of the fire, muttering, "Oysters, oysters--your basket of oysters
As soon as she saw William she ran into the middle of Pall Mall, regardless of hansoms (many of which seemed to pass over her), nodded her head significantly three times and then disappeared (probably on a stretcher).
Master Boxtel," said William, "you seem to have discovered the secret of growing the black tulip?