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Standard histories of the presidential campaign emphasize a few transformative elections, such as William Henry Harrison's successful protopopulist "Tippecanoe and Tyler Too" bid in 1840 and William McKinley's cleverly merchandized mass spectacle in 1896, suggesting that the nature of the campaign followed an almost inevitable course, in a series of sudden developmental bursts.
* WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON. Not one of the great political thinkers, but Harrison was a shrewd food campaigner.
Perry defeated a British squadron on Lake Erie, and William Henry Harrison crushed an Anglo-Indian force in the Battle of the Thames, in present-day Ontario.
Fortunately, President William Henry Harrison set the lowest bar by delivering what historians consider the worst inaugural address in U.S.
A good part is given to the initial training at Fort William Henry Harrison near Helena, Mt.
Congress Green Cemetery in North Bend, Ohio, is more than just the location of the President William Henry Harrison Tomb.
The first true inaugural parade was for William Henry Harrison in 1841.
Lesser-known anecdotes are described in such entries as "Jefferson's Monstrous Bones," a narrative of the president's fascination with mastodon fossils (which he spread out on the floor of the East Room) by Barbara Kerley, and Richard Peck's "The White House Cow," which recounts the day William Henry Harrison went to market to buy a cow for his new estate.
The shortest presidency of all was William Henry Harrison's - the Indian-fighting general known as "Old Tippecanoe" in honour of his victory over native warriors led by Tenkswatawa, the Shawnee Prophet.
Those coins will honor William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, James K.
For example, the string of seven presidents each elected 20 years apart who all died in ofrice: William Henry Harrison, 1840; Abraham Lincoln, 1860; James Garfield, 1880; William McKinley, 1900; Warren Harding, 1920; Franklin Roosevelt, 1940; and John Kennedy, 1960.
William Henry Harrison High School Senior Concert Band will perform at West Bromwich Town Hall tomorrow.