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He accomplishes this result partly through his power of suggesting the real unity of the inner and outer worlds, partly through his skill, resting in a large degree on vivid impressionistic description, in making strange scenes appear actual, in securing from the reader what he himself called 'that willing suspension of disbelief which constitutes poetic faith.' Almost every one has felt the weird charm of 'The Ancient Mariner,' where all the unearthly story centers about a moral and religious idea, and where we are dazzled by a constant succession of such pictures as these:
EVERY leader these days is talking about bringing about a change in the country without realising that the people of Pakistan have been betrayed so many times by such false slogans that now they are deeply submerged in a 'willing suspension of disbelief' and have lost their critical abilities.
And, at the end of these implausible twists and turns, at the moment of truth in a drama that has stretched to a new limit the "willing suspension of disbelief" that Coleridge believed "constitutes poetic faith," a young man, practically unknown a year ago, accedes to the presidency of France.
This conundrum forces a greater-than-possible "willing suspension of disbelief" when the book attempts, with difficulty, to maneuver between ancient attitudes towards mass slavery and modern consciousness of its cruelty.
No author today will argue with Samuel Taylor Coleridge's perspective that any work of fiction requires the reader to engage in a willing suspension of disbelief. The wording of the concept is important because it goes beyond the idea of a reader just pushing the "I believe" button.
Beyond the Willing Suspension of Disbelief: Poetic Faith From Coleridge to Tolkien
The Republic of Vietnam based in Vietnam's South appears only as part of an American 'rhetorical sleight of hand' that required 'a willing suspension of disbelief usually seen only in front of the theatrical fourth wall' (p.
I mean, there's willing suspension of disbelief and then there's the Humber Bridge-sized leap of faith being asked of the audience of new ITV drama Safe House.
Central to this shift, Saler argues, was the ironic imagination, fundamentally different from the practices of "willing suspension of disbelief' which it superseded (28).
IT takes more than willing suspension of disbelief to imagine Mallika Sherawat morph into Vidya Balan, but we will give director Saket Chaudhary that bit of artistic licence.
WORCESTER -- The poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge talked of a "willing suspension of disbelief'' on the part of the reader to make a fantastical tale of fiction seem true.
"Like the earlier Tales, it's riddled with outlandish coincidences and best enjoyed under the willing suspension of disbelief. ...