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WLBWork-Life Balance (sociology)
WLBWeb Load Balance
WLBWireless Builder
WLBWan Load Balancer
WLBWeak-Side Linebacker (pro football)
WLBWelsh Language Board (Wales, UK)
WLBWomen's League of Burma
WLBWar Labor Board (1942-1945; now National Wage Stabilization Board)
WLBWilson Library Bulletin (professional bulletin; published 1914-1995)
WLBBuoy Tender, Seagoing (USCGC)
WLBWeapons Logbook
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Library Life in the Deep South Part I: Flux and Conflux at the Delta," Wilson Library Bulletin 47, (March 1973): 584-97.
Patty's 1988 bequeathing of her YA column in Wilson Library Bulletin to me was a career changer that ultimately led to my editorship of VOYA.
These values were clearly on display when Danky began writing a column entitled "Alternative Periodicals" in Wilson Library Bulletin (WLB).
I have argued this since 1982 (see Loertscher, 1982)when the taxonomy for the school library program first appeared in Wilson Library Bulletin.
7) Bleiweiss, M Not feeling like Christmas Wilson library bulletin October 1994 p24
which wrote, "it has quickly become the standard work"; the Wilson Library Bulletin noted that "With all its comprehensiveness and sophistication, it is still accessible to high school students doing reports on individual religions.
The Quintessential Searcher: The Wit and Wisdom of Barbara Quint is a collection of many of Quint's most memorable quotes from Searcher, Information Today, Online, Wilson Library Bulletin, and other library and information industry publications.
Jim Rettig's excellent reviews, originally published in the Wilson Library Bulletin between 1995 and 1997, are also available online (http://www.
The lecture, "The Function of the Novel in American Democracy," is familiar to scholars in the field, for it had been published in the June 1967 issue of Wilson Library Bulletin and was subsequently included in Going to the Territory.
4] Behrman, S and Conable, G There's a library at the mall Wilson library bulletin 64(4) 1989 p31
com is based on The Concise Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, which is hailed as "the single-volume encyclopedia of choice" by The Wilson Library Bulletin.
Wilson Company and Wilson Library Bulletin (WLB) have announced the availability of a gopher hole.