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Win32sWin32 Subset
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TGS has released Open Inventor for IBM AIX, Sun Solaris, Microsoft Win32 (NT/95), and is porting the product to HP, Apple, DEC and IBM OS/2.
BUSINESS WIRE)--May 29, 1995--In a move clearly reinforcing its leadership position in imaging and compression technology, LEAD announced today the release of LEADTOOLS DLL for Windows and WIN32 Version 5.
The enhancements include support for three new operating system versions, a new hardware platform, two new compilers, and support for Win32s (32-bit applications in the Windows 3.
FLEXlm for Windows supports WIN32, WIN32s and WIN16 DLLs for the FLEXlm client.
LEADTOOLS supports standard 16-bit Windows development as well as 32-bit development using Windows NT, WIN32s or WIN95.
0, a royalty-free C/C++ toolkit that allows software developers to add file format support, image compression, manipulation and processing to any Windows NT, WIN95 and WIN32s application.