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WinRTWindows Runtime (Microsoft software)
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Key differences remain between apps built with WinRT and apps built with the Windows API.
Win32 and WinRT apps are not as different as you might think.
"I think certainly the transition of the applications to the new environment, the WinRT environment, will allow us to rethink the applications and we have the benefit of the desktop applications still being present." This transition allows Microsoft to be "forward thinking" and consider "the first sets of features" that will be available "as we move Word, Excel, PowerPoint, to the Windows RT environment," claims DelBene.
Sinofsky also announced the availability of Windows 8 upgrade offers in retail stores and online, as well as the official launch of the online Windows Store, where customers can find new Windows 8 applications built with the new Windows runtime WinRT APIs and tools.
Stimulsoft Reports product line includes reporting tools for WinForms, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, HTML5, WinRT, Silverlight, and WPF development platforms.
In Windows 8, Metro apps run on top of a new application architecture called WinRT, which is a low-level set of APIs that run just above the Windows kernel.
Software products are available for several technologies such as WinForms, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, HTML5 and WinRT.
Microsoft has created a new set of APIs for creating applications on Windows 8 called Windows Runtime or WinRT. This set of APIs are available in any language, C++, C#, Visual Basic or even JavaScript, and can be used for creating Metro style applications.
Microsoft company also dubbed its newtablet-oriented operating system, which executives had previously called"Windows on ARM,"or WOA, as "Windows RT." The new designation is a nod to WinRT, for "Windows Runtime," the APIs (application programming interfaces) responsible for the Metro interface and its apps.