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HHelp! (Beatles song)
HHentai (anime)
HHigh Risk
HHit (Baseball)
HHistorical (action code)
HHotel (aviation letter code)
HHold (baseball; relief pitcher stat)
HHearts (playing cards)
HMagnetic Field (physics)
HHolder (football)
HHomo- (Latin: human-taxonomic genus)
HHungary (International Auto Identification)
HHyundai (automobile brand)
HHorizontal (polarization)
HHorn (music)
HHaze (weather reports)
HHeer (German)
HHinge (philately)
HHologram (Red Dwarf sitcom)
HHimalayan (rabbit breed)
HPlanck's Constant (6.626 × 10^-34 joule-second)
HHelicobacter (genus of H. pylori bacteria)
HHistidine (amino acid)
HSulfur Mustard (blister warfare agent)
HHamiltonian (aka Hamilton; mathematics; named for William Rowan Hamilton)
HHøyre (Norwegian left wing party)
HKruskal-Wallis Test (statistics; analysis)
HAcknowledgement of Receipt (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
HHecto- (10^3, SI Prefix)
HMetro Montreal (postal code designation, Canada)
HWinchester Repeating Arms Company (headstamp for rim-fire cartridges)
HHyperphoria (condition of one eye being higher than the other)
HC Language Header File (file name extension)
HHoneywell Information Systems, Incorporated
HFederal Reserve Bank of Saint Louis, Missouri (designates original point of circulation of a dollar bill)
HUndenominated United States Stamp (33 cents, introduced 10 Jan 1999)
HHelicopter or Search/Rescue (US military aircraft designation; as in H-1)
HUS DoT tire speed rating (130 mph)
HHalf Size Blue Print
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We know she married William Wirt Winchester, heir to the Winchester Repeating Arms Company, and that they lived in New Haven and that they had a daughter who died forty days after her birth.
According to legend, in addition to inheriting her fortune and a 50 per cent shareholding in the Winchester Repeating Arms Company, Sarah believed that she was also heir to the ghosts of anyone ever killed by a Winchester gun.
Helen Mirren portrays an heiress convinced her house is haunted by the souls of those who her and her husband's family killed with their Winchester Repeating Arms company and demands constant construction on her home to keep them at bay.
When I called Winchester I was told by the technician that when Winchester became licensed by the Herstal Group; Fabrique Nationale (FN) of Belgium and the Browning Arms Company that they do not work on or have anything to do with the older guns previously made by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. Do you or anyone know where I can send this rifle for repairs or technical assistance?
But she also held 48 percent of the stock for the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. And the stock paid dividends, between 21 and 79 percent of profits every year from 1869 to 1914.
It seems 1942 was not the first time that the Winchester Repeating Arms Company had designed a compact semiautomatic rifle.
The Model 1866 retained the .44 Henry rimfire cartridge, but in 1866 the company was renamed the Winchester Repeating Arms Company, so the 1866 was the first Winchester rifle.
VVGOOGLING a runner Winchester Rifle 7.35 Dundalk A comprehensive term describing a series of lever-action repeating rifles manufactured by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company, evolved from the 1860 Henry rifle.
While the patent represented a financial loss for Smith & Wesson, it was a tremendous gain for what became the Winchester Repeating Arms Company.
Manufactured by Winchester Repeating Arms Company in New Haven, Conn., between July and September of 1944, it appears to be unissued and unfired.
In 1854, Smith and Wesson sold their interest in their improved Jennings-style firearms and ammunition to the Volcanic Repeating Arms Company, which subsequently went into receivership, only to be bought by Oliver Winchester, renamed the New Haven Repeating Arms Company, and eventually transformed into the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. For a period of time both Smith and Wesson continued to work for the Volcanic Repeating Arms Company.
Although the shift was transparent to shooters, in the early 1980s the old Winchester Repeating Arms Company ceased manufacturing and a new company, U.S.