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WCNPWind Cave National Park (Hot Springs, SD)
WCNPWest Coast National Park (South Africa)
WCNPWelcoming Center for New Pennsylvanians (Philadelphia, PA)
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Summer--even peak season--is a great time to visit Wind Cave National Park, which is not as crowded as two nearby and better-known sites, Badlands National Park and Mount Rushmore National Memorial.
2007) reported predation to account for 14% of all mortality for adult female pronghorn in Wind Cave National Park (WCNP), all of which was attributed to coyote predation.
His administration helped double the number of national parks from five to ten, protecting the majestic blue waters of Crater Lake National Park, the rich archaeological resources of Mesa Verde, and the caverns of Wind Cave National Park.
No one knew about these animals and the lives they had lived until July 2003, when Park Service personnel Greg McDonald and Rod Horrocks discovered the fossilized remains at Wind Cave National Park.
The crew, which began its work in July, was led by McDonald and consisted of staff from Badlands National Park, the Mammoth Site of Hot Springs, South Dakota--the world's largest mammoth research facility--and Wind Cave National Park.
My family visited Wind Cave National Park a few years ago.