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Wind chill temperatures in dozens of towns across Minnesota and North Dakota plummeted to 60 below or less, the weather service said.
It will feel like -3C in London by next Thursday, -4C Birmingham, Manchester -3, while Scotland will feel the coldest with a wind chill of -10, according to NetWeather.
During the rehearsal, the wind chill dropped to a whopping minus 23 C.
And in Hartford, Connecticut, a brutal cold of 10 degrees yielded a wind chill of minus 20.
NEW YORK, Rabi'II 20, 1439, January 07, 2018, SPA -- About 100 million people faced a new challenge after the whopping East Coast snowstorm: a gusty deep freeze, topped Saturday by a wind chill close to minus 100 on New Hampshire's Mount Washington that vied for world's coldest place, according to AP.
Temperatures in some parts dropped to -29C, with wind chill making it feel as cold as -67C.
'When it is very cold, or when the wind chill is significant, cover as much exposed skin as possible.
The solution is a lightweight, breathable, and 100% windproof garment from Pure Brandz that combats the effects of wind chill and lets moisture evaporate from the inside out; a welcome, refreshing feeling when the only focus should be on having fun.
Winnipeggers woke up Monday to a temperature --17 C and a gusting northwest wind that made it feel more like --29 with the wind chill. The deep freeze moves in overnight Tuesday with temperatures plummeting to --25 C and only getting up to --21 C Wednesday.
In the winter, the temperature, including the wind chill, can be as cold as 70 degrees below zero Fahrenheit.