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"But should we not find any fisherman and should the wind shift to the north?"
In an hour more the capricious wind shifted back again in our favor.
It was his nose that first discovered the approach of Sabor, the lioness, when the wind shifted for a moment.
When you worked in this woman's department the house downtown was never out of your thoughts all day--there were always whiffs of it to be caught, like the odor of the Packingtown rendering plants at night, when the wind shifted suddenly.
The wind shifted into the north and blew unending gales.
In the evening the weather broke: the wind shifted from south to north- east, and brought rain first, and then sleet and snow.
"I think I'll turn in, and unless the wind shifts I don't want to be disturbed before midnight.
We could hear them day and night inland, coming and going as the wind shifted. I rose up full before the boat, because I had never seen white-faces alive, though I knew them well--otherwise.
"If the wind shifts round heavily after we close in with the land she will either run ashore or get dismasted or both.
The wind shifted back and forth between southeast and northeast, and at midnight the Pyrenees was caught aback by a sharp squall from the southwest, from which point the wind continued to blow intermittently.
We switched to a jib at about Cape Raoul due to a bit of a wind shift and a tighter angle.
The front then emerges, bringing a wind shift. West or northwest winds arrive and weather improves.