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Today's freezing temperatures are to be just the prelude for even more severe conditions expected tomorrow and Friday as the Siberian front collides with Storm Emma to bring daytime temperatures of -10C with the wind chill factor.
Temperatures were expected to struggle to climb above freezing and could dip to minus five, with a significant wind chill factor making the Midlands bitterly cold.
Blow, blow thou winter wind, thou art so unkind" goes the mediaeval acknowledgement of our current description: Wind chill factor, and its presence was obvious for much of Namibia during the past few days.
This statistical interpolation used to be called the "temperature humidity index," but its simpler moniker has raised its stature to match its wintery cousin: the wind chill factor.
If there's a wind chill factor, or if your clothes are wet, body temperature falls faster.
THE ICEBOT -- With the wind chill factor below -50[degrees], WHOI engineer Amy Kukulya and engineering technician Kris Newhall launch the robotic underwater vehicle REMUS into a hole cut into a stretch of sea ice extending into the Chukchi Sea from Barrow, Alaska, the northernmost city in the United States.
It will be a cold month though, with some keen arctic winds, which will enhance the wind chill factor.
Officials at Catterick, where there is expected to be a vicious wind chill factor of -7C, will inspect the track at 7.
The heating system had to maintain 13[degrees]c from -7[degrees]C outside temperature plus a severe wind chill factor.
We've had sustained 25-below wind chill factor for multiple days and never had a problem with the B20.