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So, the variation of wind direction should be accounted for the averaging period.
The results indicated that recirculation is minimized when wind direction is parallel to the cooling towers rows compared to high recirculation results presented during cross winds for the same wind velocity 5 m/s (11.2 mph).
Figure 5(a) shows the number of angle-legs and the corresponding wind direction. For wind direction Ang-A, angle-leg 1 and 2 are chosen to analyze due to the symmetrical arrangement.
The authors argue that changes in wind direction affect subsequent short-term morbidity and mortality only through exposure to air pollution.
Aiming to predict wind farm power, it is necessary to identify the dependence of the farm gross output on the wind speed, air density, and wind direction, to evaluate the location of plants in the farm, wind and weather parameter prediction discrepancies, the impact of changing external factors, other quantitative and qualitative factors.
One thing is to note that the CFD numerical model is nested in "Block 1." Rotating "Block 1" the specified angle immediately can carry out LES simulations at the specified wind direction, by which LES simulations can be conducted at multiple wind directions conveniently.
The following illustration shows the overall turbulence intensity as a function of the wind direction.
A change in wind direction from the east to the south and south-westerly has lifted temperatures above normal for late October - touching as high as 16deg C (61deg F) in Huddersfield town centre on Wednesday.
The department also said that the wind direction will change this evening to light southeastern wind, with a speed of 8 to 28 kilometers per hour.
A tiny puff from the bottle capped by a special valve that prevents clumping, and a small puff of the powder goes airborne and instantly indicates the wind direction.