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Goldwind has signed up as one of the first partners in a wind-to-hydrogen project in northeast China that eventually wants 20GW of turbines producing green fuel for a new-look clean transportation system.
In 2009, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and Xcel Energy launched a wind-to-hydrogen demonstration facility in Golden, Colo., using 10 and 100KW turbines and producing hydrogen compressed to high pressure to fill the vehicle's 1.8kg storage tank.
There is currently no feasible way to store electricity generated during low-demand periods, but Basin Electric has invested $2 million to explore a practical alternative, as part of the wind-to-hydrogen consortium of cooperatives and other institutions.
"The project allows our researchers to compare different types of electrolyzers and work on increasing the efficiency of a wind-to-hydrogen system.
Hydrogen Energy Center, Inc., Xcel Energy and the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory dedicated their 50 kilowatt wind-to-hydrogen demonstration project last week.
Featured at Wind-to-Hydrogen Demonstration in Colorado(C)2006 JeraOne - http://www.jeraone.com
founder and President Ted Hollinger was one of the participants in the dedication of a Wind-to-Hydrogen Demonstration Project in Boulder, Colo., sponsored by Xcel Energy and the U.S.
Basin's wind-to-hydrogen demonstration project would allow electricity produced from wind to produce hydrogen, which could then be used as a transportation fuel or to produce electricity when wind resources aren't available.