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The Loyalist Gazette, "the window to the world for the UELAC," may contain viewpoints in some submissions that do notnecessarilyreflectthephilosophyoftheUELACorthisEditor.
TerraServer, a leading satellite imagery and aerial photography website, launches its new edition website, offering visitors a unique window to the world with the addition of over 50,000 square kilometers of satellite/aerial imagery per week, more worldwide high resolution image browsing and comprehensive measurement and searching tools.
"The Caribbean region is a window to the world," said Soren Holm Jensen, Carlsberg Breweries' vice-president, Export, Licence and Duty Free.
The Internet has become a marvelous window to the world, accessible to people at virtually every level of ability.
Like the old saying, "Eyes are your window to the world," eyes can be the window to credibility.
An elaborate network of brain regions handles visual information and enables the eyes to serve as a window to the world. Two locations on this neural pathway, located near the base of the brain, may spark recognition and understanding of written words, according to a new study.
Signaling changes in store for the public television station, Soles confirmed Monday that he's departing as senior vice president and chief television content officer of parent company Window to the World Communications.
He added: "Subtitles are a window to the world for many deaf and hard of hearing people.