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WOOWorld Of Outlaws (Auto Racing)
WOOWorld Of Outlaws
WOOWizard of Oz (movie)
WOOWorks without Opus Number (musical catalogue)
WOOWindow of Opportunity
WOOWithdrawal of Offer (contracts)
WOOWerk Ohne Opuszahl (German: Work Without Opus number; Beethoven)
WOOWin Others Over
WOOWar Orientation Officer (US Navy)
WOOWashington Operations Office
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The fish culture experiment would open a new window of opportunity for farmers to get started with profitable business of fish farming, she said on the occasion.
You don't always have a real long window of opportunity with a certain group to win, to get the most out of this.
Prescribed burns, in particular, are weather-dependent and have a narrow window of opportunity for fuels treatment, relying on cool, damp weather conditions that occur in winter months.
He said the coalition would "urge all parties to take advantage of window of opportunity to restart the political process" at a UN Security Council meeting on Friday.
'The window of opportunity (is) narrowing,' the 189-country organisation said, adding that members would 'refrain from competitive (currency) devaluations and will not target our exchange rates for competitive purposes' a line apparently aimed at the US and China.
And now, Lillikas has identified an open window of opportunity in the US, which he and his fellow rejectionists routinely blamed for all Cyprus' misfortunes and criticised for trying to help settlement efforts.
The mega expo is a window of opportunity that will connect people, goods and ideas in addition to providing easy access to markets, knowledge and innovation," stated Shailesh Dash, Chairman of Dubai-based Gulf Pinnacle Logistics.
The window of opportunity is now open but it may close soon," Roth said expressing the readiness of the German Government to help if necessary.
"This window of opportunity will be open for 5 or 10 years at most.
The key conclusions are: There is now a window of opportunity to tackle global social imbalances and environmental challenges through ESG; Investors are becoming aware that socially responsible long term aims can be combined with attractive returns: this is not philanthropy; Investors should look beyond equities when considering ESG investments e.g.
Gandhinagar [Gujarat], July 25 ( ANI ): Having been severely handicapped due to extreme weather conditions for most of the day on Monday, the India Air Force (IAF) used a window of opportunity on Tuesday with slightly better weather conditions and launched 04 MI-17V5 helicopters for flood rescue and relief operations in Gujarat and Rajasthan.
What we have said is the window of opportunity for a variety of reasons is between mid-May and early July and the UK election doesn't interfere with that window.'