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WPFWindows Presentation Foundation (formerly Avalon; Microsoft)
WPFWord Perfect File
WPFWindows Presentation Foundation
WPFWebsphere Portlet Factory
WPFWeb Pages File
WPFWorld Port Fax
WPFWorld Population Foundation (The Netherlands)
WPFWorld Privacy Forum
WPFWorldwide Pentecostal Fellowship
WPFWilliam Penn Foundation (Philadelphia, PA)
WPFWorld Puzzle Federation
WPFWhen Pigs Fly
WPFWorld Public Finances
WPFWorkplace Protection Factor
WPFWomen's Pro Fastpitch
WPFWhole-Piece Face (plywood)
WPFWord Perfect File (file extension)
WPFWith Profit Fund
WPFWaste Profile Form
WPFWright Peak Flow (airflow measurement)
WPFWaste Preparation Facility
WPFWeighted Proportional Fairness
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This official developer's guide to Microsoft Prism 4 provides programmers working with Windows Presentation Foundation and Microsoft Siverlight, with a comprehensive overview of features and options available in this modular development architecture tool.
The second is a new comprehensive IDE for migration of existing code to Windows Presentation Foundation applications, building new Windows Presentation Foundation-based applications, and deploying 100 percent managed code on top of the Microsoft Visual Studio shell, all with existing PowerBuilder skills.
"We got confirmation from Microsoft over the weekend that the add-on wasn't a[n attack] vector for the vulnerability in question," said Shaver.<p>Late on Friday, Mozilla added .Net Framework Assistant and the accompanying Windows Presentation Foundation plug-in to its rarely-used blocking list, which then threw up a warning to users notifying them that the pair was being barred from Firefox.<p>Mozilla has also pushed out a change that will let users running Firefox 3.5 override the block, added Shaver.
The standard version provides presenters, businesses, and educators the ability to convert presentations to the Silverlight format as .XAP + HTML files ready for publishing to web sites, or to Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) format as a single .EXE file for desktop playback and easy single-file sharing and distribution.
With technologies such as Microsoft Silverlight, .NET Framework 3.5, and Windows Presentation Foundation, the platform enables a differentiated user experience.
Readers should be familiar with .NET and developing on the .NET platform using C#, but familiarity with the Windows Presentation Foundation is not necessary.
The updated platform includes enhanced back-office capabilities that leverage Microsoft's Windows Communication Foundation and Windows Presentation Foundation technologies, allowing retailers to easily add and customize features like back-office and cash-management functions.
ComponentOne supports Windows Presentation Foundation by taking advantage of the capabilities of today's modern graphics hardware.
By adopting Windows Presentation Foundation technology and integrating such features as automatic text reflow, advanced graphics and search, "NewspaperDirect was able to significantly improve the newspaper reading experience," Mika Krammer, Microsoft director of Windows Client Mobility, said in a statement.
Chris Sells and Ian Griffiths' PROGRAMMING WINDOWS PRESENTATION FOUNDATION (0596101139, $39.95) is for programmers new to WPF as well as those with some experience.
At the heart of Vista is the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), which Frog's Hale believes could present the most substantial leap forward in software design of any recent technological development.
Vicinity 4.0 offers the latest .Net and windows presentation foundation (WPF) technology.