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WWSWireless Wall Switch (various companies)
WWSWow Web Stats (World of Warcraft game)
WWSWeight Watchers Scale
WWSWoodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs (Princeton University)
WWSWarenWirtschaftsSystem (German)
WWSWorld Wide Studios
WWSWindows Web Server
WWSWindows Web Services
WWSWeb Workgroup Server
WWSWorldwide Studios (Sony Computer Entertainment)
WWSWestfield Washington Schools (Indiana)
WWSWalker-Warburg Syndrome
WWSWorld Website Service (Holland)
WWSWorldwide Services
WWSWe Were Soldiers (gaming clan)
WWSWorld Wide Stout (Dogfish Head beer)
WWSWieacker-Wolff Syndrome
WWSWireless Weather Station
WWSWater and Wastewater Services (Pompano Beach, FL)
WWSWired Woman Society
WWSWine, Women & Song
WWSWild Weasel Squadron
WWSWWMCCS Workstation
WWSWashington Wind Symphony (Bellevue, WA)
WWSWrong Window Syndrome (chat clients)
WWSWhitehouse Wind Symphony (Bernardsville, NJ)
WWSWavefront Weather Services
WWSWorld Wide Standards (quality)
WWSWorld Waste Systems (Lakeport, CA)
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One of the vulnerabilities stems from the Windows web server built into the systems.
Each server product consists of an executable and data files that can be placed on a Linux or Windows web server and an Admin application that is installed on a Mac or Windows computer.
Once approved, these companies can have access to Microsoft Web design and development tools, including three licenses of Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition, two licenses of Microsoft Expression Web 3 and one license of Microsoft Expression Studio 3, four processor licenses for production usage to Windows Web Server 2008 or R2 (when available) and four processor licenses for production usage to Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Web Edition.
The companies will enable PHP, a language used by computer programmers to build open source web applications, to run on past and future versions of Microsoft Windows web server software.
On all 1&1 Windows Servers with Windows Web Server 2008, the Windows Server Advanced Hosting package is pre-installed.
ESET, a leading global cyber security company, has discovered a new threat whereby attackers infected vulnerable Windows web servers with a malicious cryptocurrency miner in order to mine Monero a newer cryptocurrency alternative to Bitcoin.
The Web Publisher is currently available directly from askSam Systems and authorized resellers, and runs on all CGI compliant Windows Web servers. For more information or to try the free 30-day trial version, visit http://www.asksam.com or call askSam Systems at 800-800-1997 or 850-584-6590.
The Web Publisher is currently available directly from askSam Systems and authorized resellers, and runs on all CGI-compliant Windows Web servers. The askSam 4.0 Web Publisher has a retail price of $1,495.
WebAgain supports FrontPage Server extensions, accepts content from all Web authoring titles, connects to a website via direct or dial-up connection, and monitors both Unix and Windows Web servers. The software can be customized to minimize the time a hacked page is exposed to website visitors by configuring WebAgain to check your site as often as every minute.