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Previous studies insisted that Wingate anaerobic power test is the reliable one for measuring anaerobic power in Judoists (15).
We expected that the participants, being anaerobic athletes, would have scored above average on the Wingate anaerobic power test. Although the participants in this study scored higher in absolute peak power than female ballet dancers for pre and post-tests [25], their scores were below average according to the norms established by Maud and Schultz [20].
The results of the Wingate Anaerobic Power test showed improvement in mean anaerobic power with traditional weight training and no change with plyometric training.
(2000) A comparison between the Wingate anaerobic power test to both vertical jump and line drill tests in basketball players.
During each testing session subjects were assessed for strength (one repetition maximum [1-RM] bench press and squat), power (Wingate anaerobic power test) and body composition.
To quantify anaerobic power performance all subjects performed the Wingate anaerobic power test (Lode Excalibur, Groningen, The Netherlands).
A significant correlation (r = 0.85) was found between peak power measured with the Vertical Jump and the Wingate anaerobic power tests. A nonsignificant negative correlation (r= -0.31) was found between peak anaerobic power measured by the Wingate cycle test and total Max
In the current investigation, a significant correlation (r = 0.85) was found between peak power measured during the Vertical Jump and Wingate anaerobic power tests, demonstrating the validity of the Vertical Jump as a field test of anaerobic power.