WINIWenn Ich Nicht Irre (German: If I Am Not Mistaken)
WINIWeekend Immersion in Nursing Informatics
WINIWomen in Need Industries (Portland, ME)
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Begw, Mair and Wini were played by Leisa Gwenllian, Glain Rhys and Celyn Cartwright, all familiar faces on the Eisteddfod stage who have competed this week with some success.
On Thursday, Kamal al-Din al-Zaki, a judge of the Public Order Court in al-Deem district, south of Khartoum, said that the testimony of the complainant who is a public order police officer before the court "demonstrated a hostile intent" against Wini.
As they reached near Wini Village, an harvester machine, coming from the opposite direction, hit the bike.
(27) Wini Breines, Community and Organization in the New Left, 1962-1968: The Great Refusal (South Hadley, MA: J.
(24.) Wini Breines writes about this period in the United States and how popularity and intellectuality became a contradiction in terms such that smart girls had to pretend to be more average than they actually were.
Informed by key sociological theorists of identity formation, especially Wini Breines' conceptualization of New Left prefigurative politics and Manuel Castells' social movement theories of collective identity, Rodgers explains how the influx of Americans to the West Kootenays created countercultural political movements and institutions in the region.
Its balance thus rests closest to Wini Breines's earlier insistence that we "recognize in the new left of the sixties both a living heritage and dilemma to resolve" (1982, 152).
Political scientist Carl Boggs introduced the term "prefigurative" in 1977 to describe attempts to enact a radically egalitarian society in the lived practices of the movement, and sociologist Wini Breines used the term to describe the 1960s' new left.
WILLIAMS Winifred Yn dawel, fore dydd Llun Ionawr 13, yng Nghartref Minymor, Aberaeron, a hynny ar drothwy ei chant oed, bu farw Wini, gweddw Ivor, mam Aled a'i briod Eirian, mamgu Lois, Rhun a'i briod Nerys a hen famgu Elin, Ifan a Mari.