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WINNWomen in Need Network (Ocala, FL)
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Peter Winn, looking up, saw that the pigeon was outdistancing the machine.
When young Winn reefed down so suddenly, he received a surprise.
A carrier pigeon on a passage can achieve a high rate of speed, and Winn reefed again.
The pigeon drove straight on for the Alameda County shore, and it was near this shore that Winn had another experience.
Young Winn noted the campus and buildings of the University of California--his university--as he rose after the pigeon.
Two or more ranges of hills the pigeon crossed, and then Winn saw it dropping down to a landing where a small cabin stood in a hillside clearing.
I want to take you for a ride in my new machine," Winn answered.
Winn helped him to a seat in the machine, then went to the pigeon-loft and took possession of the bird with the ribbon still fast to its leg.
Peter Winn, Senior, scanning the heavens with powerful glasses, saw the monoplane leap into view and grow large over the rugged backbone of Angel Island.
Peter Winn gripped his son's hand in grim silence, and fondled the pigeon which his son had passed to him.
While it remains to be seen whether Winn will end his relationship with Lyra right after the incident, Jordan said that his character definitely feels betrayed by the Starhavenite.
Winn Butterworth established the company 25 years ago, after working for a national manufacturing company.