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WTOWorld Tourism Organization
WTOWorld Trade Organization (now the United Nations World Trade Organization, UNWTO)
WTOWorld Trade Organization
WTOWe're Taking Over (gaming clan)
WTOWarsaw Treaty Organization
WTOWorld Toilet Organisation
WTOWinning the Oil Endgame (ebook by Rocky Mountain Institute)
WTOWeltweit Taube Ohren (German: Worldwide Deaf Ears)
WTOWrite To Operator
WTOWay Too Old
WTOWraith: the Oblivion (game)
WTOWeapons Training Officer
WTOWorld Telecommunications Organization
WTOWindows Technical Operations
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In his 2004 book Winning the Oil Endgame, Lovins again declared that advances in biotechnology will make cellulosic ethanol viable and that it "will strengthen rural America, boost net farm income by tens of billions of dollars a year, and create more than 750,000 new jobs.
Figure 8 from Winning the Oil Endgame best describes this situation.
Glasgow, Winning the Oil Endgame, lnnovation for Profits, Jobs, and Security, Snowmass: Rocky Mountain Institute, 2005, 36, and 84.
In Winning the Oil Endgame, Amory Lovins identifies some key technology investments in various stages of development that could significantly improve military weapon system efficiency and operational performance.
As noted in both a Defense Science Board study and Winning the Oil Endgame, providing fuel to military forces has many costs that are hidden from current planning, acquisition, and investment processes.
Winning the Oil Endgame (Snowmass, CO: Rocky Mountain Institute, 2004), 88.
But if you are interested in our future energy options, Winning the Oil Endgame is a gold mine.
Footnote 916 of Winning the Oil Endgame offers more vision and more clever ideas than all those conversations combined.
The plan should also include proposals to reduce use through technological improvements, such as those advanced recently by the Rocky Mountain Institute in its publication Winning the Oil Endgame.
Unlike standards, feebates reward and propel continuous improvement," according to the RMI report Winning the Oil Endgame.
There is a growing consensus that limited mobility is an important missing link in a comprehensive strategy for reducing poverty," according to Winning the Oil Endgame.
According to the 2004 RMI report Winning the Oil Endgame, once you take into account the simpler assembly, the eliminated paint shop, and the smaller propulsion system, the extra per-car cost of the Hypercar drops to approximately zero.