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WISEWide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer
WISEWomen in Science and Engineering
WISEWater Information System for Europe (EU)
WISEWeb Information Systems Engineering
WISEWorld Institute of Scientology Enterprises
WISEWomen's Ischemia Syndrome Evaluation (Epidemiology Data Center; University of Pittsburgh)
WISEWorld Information Service on Energy
WISEWinter Semester
WISEWilberforce Institute for the study of Slavery and Emancipation (UK)
WISEWireless Intelligent Sensor
WISEWorkflow Based Internet Services
WISEWindows Interface Source Environment
WISEWorldwide Information System Exchange
WISEWashington Internships for Students of Engineering
WISEWomen Into Science and Engineering
WISEWorld and Islam Studies Enterprise
WISEWorkshop on Information Systems and Economics
WISEWellness for Independent Seniors (Women's College Hospital; Canada)
WISEWeb-based Integrated Science Environment
WISEWorkers in the Sex Industry (CBO, Act, Australia)
WISEWindows Interface Source Environment (Microsoft)
WISEWireless System Engineering
WISEWing In Surface Effect
WISEWorkshop on Inspection in Software Engineering
WISEWireless Signal Extraction (transportation; real-time traffic information)
WISEWorld Infrastructure Security Environment
WISEWomen In Search of Equity
WISEWeb Intelligence Search Engine (US DoD)
WISEWomen in Spinal Cord Evolution (Frederick, MD)
WISEWorld Information Systems Exchange
WISEWorld Institute for Social Enlightenment (California)
WISEWeb Integrated Systems Engineering
WISEWalk-In Synthetic Environment
WISEWestern Investigation & Security Enterprises, Inc.
WISEWindows of Information for Student Education (North Carolina)
WISEWorkstation Interface Software Engineering (CDI)
WISEWorkplace Information Systems Enhancement
WISEWholesale Interservice Support Agreement
WISEWork Initiatives Leading to Sustainable Employment (UK)
WISEWrite Improved SOWs Easily (manual)
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Toward noting the value of Heidegger's work contained here, consider that in the decade prior to the 1944/1945 winter semester Heidegger taught five courses on Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) and three on Friedrich Holderlin (1770-1843).
The volume brings together the series of lectures presented in the Catholic Theological Faculty of Wurzburg, during the winter semester of 2008-09.
On this Saturday, two colleagues and I visited the village's public school to meet and test students to consider for an intensive English class at our private bilingual school over winter semester.
The opinions of faculty members about their workload and academic workload regarding the spring semester of academic year 2006-2007 and the winter semester of academic year 2007-2008 were analyzed using t-tests.
The course will be offered in the next winter semester as local and international experts have contributed to the development of the course curriculum.
In two cases, faculty participants could not begin work on the mental health project until this winter semester because of class schedules and other duties.
The centre's winter semester began on January 10 and currently has 300 young members.
The program's winter semester begins January 31, 2011.
The university's winter semester will end on December 31 and then everyone at the university will be given leave of absence throughout January, according to mass-circulation daily Trud.
Her replacement, an English professor, left at the end of the winter semester.
The subject is an elective subject in the first grade curriculum of the master study in winter semester, with week lessons allotted 1-1.
Their work begins in seminars like the one Glei offered in the winter semester of 2002/3 at Ruhr-Universitat Bochum, in which Alexandra Kopka, Gabriele Buchenthal, Jennifer Denzinger, Uwe Fug, Rainer Hemesoth, and Thomas Zimmer pored over Maittaire's manuscript, establishing a text and roughing out a translation.