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WINTONWintoniensis (of Winchester)
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This eschatological expectation is evident in Elegy III in obitum Praesulis Wintoniensis (composed 1626) and in Miltons "Letter to a friend" (composed ca.
The Codex Wintoniensis, a 12th-century manuscript containing copies of Charters granted to Winchester between 699 and 1048, is on loan from the British Library.
Adhuc madentes rote squalebant genae, et sicca nondum lumina; adhuc liquentis imbre turgebant salis, quem nuper effudi plus, dum maesta charo iusta persolvi rogo Wintoniensis praesulis.
(28) Of the many hundreds of works that Andrewes wrote--including letters, speeches, tractates, polemical works, prayers, private devotions, and lectures (Buckeridge and Laud edited some of his Latin sermons and published them separately in 1629 in Reverendi in Christo Patris, Lanceloti, Episcopi Wintoniensis, Opuscula Quaedam Posthuma)--almost three hundred are extant.