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A vertically polarized half-wavelength wire antenna, which locates near the ceiling in the nursing room, 2.2 m above the floor, transmits the power of 5mW at the operating frequency of 2.45 GHz.
Doric, "Wire antenna model for transient analysis of simple grounding systems, Part II: The horizontal grounding electrode," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol.
Printed wire antennas are planar adaptations of wire antennas such as the dipole, loop or spiral antenna.
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It was determined that the interaction between the human body and these developed internal integrated microstrip antennas is much smaller than the interaction between the human body and external wire antennas such as monopoles and helical antennas.[1] In the field trial, the performance of the cellular telephone with an internal integrated microstrip antenna was consistently better than its performance with an external wire antenna.
He first designed CoA from a long wire that had [lambda]/4 transverse narrow U-shaped sections to provide a phase shift to maintain in-phase feeding of the straight [lambda]/2 parts of the longitudinal radiating wire antenna. In this antenna, the U-shaped sections maintain in-phase currents along the longitudinal axis, while the opposing and close transverse currents of the U-shaped sections cancel out to avoid cross-polar radiation.
This new process may revolutionize the design of wire antennas.
Chapter 2 treats the moment method applied to wire antenna analysis and includes an antenna characteristics analysis program.
This radio was battery-powered with a long wire antenna strung as high as possible between two trees.
An Archimedean square spiral wire antenna [29], [30] matches the aforementioned geometry of the grid.
"Reflection phase characterizations of the EBG ground plane for low profile wire antenna applications," IEEE Trans.
The year before, the one he made with a copper wire antenna lasted all of 15 minutes.