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WEPWired Equivalent Privacy (802.11 encryption protocol)
WEPWindfall Elimination Provision (Social Security benefits)
WEPWireless Encryption Protocol (network security)
WEPWorker Education Program (various locations)
WEPWomen's Equality Party (various locations)
WEPWomen's Empowerment Principles (award)
WEPWindows Embedded Partner
WEPWireless Encryption Protocol
WEPWarranty Extended Package
WEPWindows Entertainment Pack
WEPWired Equivalent Privacy
WEPWork Experience Program (workfare)
WEPWind Energy Project (various organizations)
WEPWired Equivalent Protocol (wireless PC security)
WEPWater Environment Protection (New York)
WEPWith Extreme Prejudice
WEPWar Emergency Power (putting the engine in overdrive for short periods during air combat)
WEPWater Efficiency Program (various organizations)
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WEPWireless Encryption Privacy
WEPWisconsin Electric Power
WEPWater-Extended Polyester
WEPWage Earner Plan (bankruptcy)
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WEPWord Error Probability
WEPWater Entry Pressure
WEPWomen Environmental Program (Burundi)
WEPWater-Extended Polymer
WEPWater Entry Point
WEPWork Execution Plan (various organizations)
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Recently, a group of respected security researchers at the University of California-Berkeley discovered the vulnerabilities of the Wired Equivalent Privacy algorithm (WEP).
After analyzing the Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) algorithm, which is used to prevent unauthorized access to a wireless network known as Wi-Fi or 802.
The IEEE's initial attempt at WLAN security was wired equivalent privacy (WEP), which was quickly shown to provide little of the privacy it advertised.
In wireless environments use WiFi protected access (WPA) rather than wired equivalent privacy (WEP) to protect traffic.
Soporta encriptamiento Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) ademas de Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) y Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)
The results of the survey found that more than 50% of all the businesses polled had no additional security controls at all for their wireless networks and just 20% used wired equivalent privacy and other encryption tools.
The security of sensitive information that travels through the air between the laptop of a business traveler in an airport coffee shop and his or her company's network has been questionable at best under the existing security standard known as Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP).
The system features robust, proprietary enhancements to the industry standard Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) data encryption and centralized, user-based authentication to ensure the ultimate in data security.
11 committee defined a mechanism called WEP, Wired Equivalent Privacy, which encrypts the data transferred between mobile wireless stations and the access points.