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WAPRWireless Access Point Router
WAPRWorld Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation
WAPRWeapon Assembly Product Record
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For our example, we will use equipment designed for the "g" standard, a Linksys Wireless Access Point Router, which costs about $70, and two Ethernet cables, costing about $5 each.
Plug the other end into any one of the four ports labeled LAN on the wireless access point router (see exhibit 1, at right).
Your wireless access point router will substitute its public IP address for your laptop's private IP address.
We will now create a password and configure the administration settings for the wireless access point router. To do that, click on the Administration tab so your screen looks like exhibit 6, at right.
If you enabled WEP on your wireless access point router, you'll need to configure a WEP key on your laptop by selecting your network (Linksys, in our example) in the Available networks window and clicking on Configure to produce the Wireless Network Properties window (exhibit 8, at right).
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