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Scope: AT&T Mobility to construct and operate a wireless communication facility and tower near Potter Valley that would help with broadband and cell phone service in the Eel River Valley area.
First, "[t]he Act limits state and local zoning authorities' control over cellular tower siting."(56) These limitations take the form of mandatory prohibitions and affirmative obligations imposed on local authorities when deciding matters of wireless communication facility placements.(57) Those limitations of the Act provide:
Model Wireless Communication Facility Siting Ordinance (on file with the
the lease will allow for the construction and maintenance of a wireless communication facility to be co-located on the existing tower and on the property owned by the town of hammonton.
The updated ordinance and review/permitting procedures should address issues related but not limited to review/processing of wireless communication facility proposals pursuant to Section 6409 and AB57 and remedy any conflict(s) that may exist between previously adopted City ordinances with currently applicable State and Federal laws.
Prequalification are invited for The Review And Analysis Of Wireless Communication Facility Application
Tenders are invited for Wireless Communication Facility CUP Application Third Party Review
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