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WMANWimax for Metropolitan Area Networking
WMANWindow Manager
WMANWireless Metropolitan Area Network
WMANWestern Mining Action Network (Billings, MT)
WMANWest Mt. Airy Neighbors (Philadelphia, PA)
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Whether connecting two buildings across a parking lot or deploying a complex wireless metropolitan area network, SPEEDLAN 9000 provides the features needed in a single affordable package.
The company's focus is on high-bandwidth, 60 GHz wireless link transmission products that enable gigabit speed transport for broadband wireless fiber extensions, wireless metropolitan area networks, and mobile backhaul applications.
WiMax, a nickname for wireless metropolitan area networks, is the "last mile" of communications that extends from the end of the fiber- optic line to homes.
As IEEE 802-11 (Wireless LANs), IEEE 802-15 (Wireless Personal Area Networks) and IEEE 802-16 (Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks) standards gain worldwide acceptance, and as each group continues to address evolving needs of the wireless industry, coordination and knowledge of radio regulations are a vital part of the IEEE 802 LMSC's work.
Under the agreement, Airdata will offer RAD networking equipment as part of the WIMAN (Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks) System suite of products.
Mobile WiMAX; toward broadband wireless metropolitan area networks.
Other Datacomm Research reports include "Mobile Movies: the Market for Short Videos on Small Screens" and "Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks: Opportunities & Illusions."
The approval sets the stage for the widespread development of 16 to 66 GHz wireless metropolitan area networks as an economical method of high speed "last mile" connection to public networks.
The company plans to expand its deployment of all-IP broadband wireless metropolitan area networks (MANs) in 40 of the top 50 U.S.
This third edition is revised to reflect the latest advances in the field, with new material on wireless LANs, wireless metropolitan area networks, WiFi and WiMax applications, offset frequency division multiplex, and the use of very small aperture satellite terminal systems as an economical alternative to public switched telecommunication networks.
Carriers may use the SPEEDWAVE LM155 to construct wireless Metropolitan Area Networks, wireless SONET rings and/or Wide Area Networks.
Wave Wireless' Speedlan bridge/routers perform at speeds up to 11 Mbps and may be combined with other Wave products including T1/E1 & T4/E4 full duplex wireless modems to provide complete wireless metropolitan area networks. Wave's Speedlan ISP series offers Internet Service Providers with strategic solutions for gaining rapid growth and market share by providing "last mile" connectivity between the ISP and their business customers.
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