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Books with titles such as The Wisdom of Crowds have suggested that the Internet would lead to a form of pure direct democracy because, if you ask enough people a question, the answer will always be correct.
According to the Wisdom of Crowds principle, more accurate estimates can be obtained by combining the judgments of diverse collections of individuals than by experts alone.
This is a salutary lesson for anyone who trusts the wisdom of crowds,' he elaborates.
In order to harness the wisdom of crowds successfully, certain features need to be present.
2012): The social psychology of the wisdom of crowds, Frontiers in Social Psychology: Social Judgment and Decision Making, 227-242.
What is coming to light around this practice, however, is how the philosophy underpinning New Yorker business columnist James Surowiecki's book The Wisdom of Crowds is influencing Australia's screen industries.
And what strikes me, as I scroll, sipping tea, taking a work-break, is how the wisdom of crowds so often doesn't confer wisdom, just muddies the already murky, fast-flowing waters of problems that, if you don't know the wider emotional landscape, aren't readily identifiable as black or white.
James Surowiecki explained that in a book called The Wisdom of Crowds.
Although there is something to be said for the wisdom of crowds, fear and panic--driven largely by short-term news and current events--are largely the consequence of emotional actions, Hussy said.
To be sure, there's something amazing going on when "expertise [is] no longer embodied in a person but in a process," and in "the wisdom of crowds," as Jemielniak (and many others) insist.
Their results have implications for wisdom of crowds arguments, as they illustrate with old and new jury theorems.
Inter alia, he describes communication campaigns, new health information technologies, social media, the wisdom of crowds, and discusses the policy issues raised by the dosage metaphor.