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WOTAWolves of the Atlantic (gaming)
WOTAWainwrights on the Air (amateur radio; UK)
WOTAWisconsin Occupational Therapy Association
WOTAWay of the Assassin (gaming)
WOTAWeek of the Airedale (dog competition)
WOTAWest-Ost-Transfer-Agentur (German: West-East Transfer Agency; Bremen, Germany)
WOTAWisdom of the Ancients
WOTAWorship, Theology and the Arts (Andover Newton Theological School; Newton Centre, MA)
WOTAWorld Outreach Team Action (religious organization)
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Well, I follow its course, I track its passage; I adopt the wisdom of the ancients, and feel my way, for my friendship for your family and my respect for you are as a twofold bandage over my eyes; well" --
Wisdom of the Ancients, Gilbert, AZ, has introduced Yerba Mate Royale, a naturally energizing herbal tea made from the leaves of a South American plantation-grown tree of the same name.
Gilbert, Ariz.-based Wisdom of the Ancients has given the beverage a tasty update with its GMO-free, certified-organic Yerba Mate Royale in tea bag, loose, and instant varieties, featuring stevia, an all-natural zero-calorie sweetener made from a plant native to Paraguay.
Local MP Elfyn Llwyd will unveil a plaque, made by Coleg Meirion Dwyfor on Parliament House, with the approval of Diahann Hughes, managing director of Wisdom of the Ancients.
He referred to the wisdom of the ancients as proof for his assertions, especially the architectural and urban accounts of Vitruvius and Alberti: the basic idea of his book he wrote 'is to go to school with Nature and the old masters [...] in matters of town planning'.
Do we really want to fall back on the wisdom of the ancients when it comes to assessing great horses?
For several decades prior to Vesalius, however, anatomists like Berengario da Carpi had been stressing the importance of personal "observation", "experience", and "judgement" over the received wisdom of the ancients. Anatomical science might now be seen as the progressive accumulation of knowledge (Niccolo Massa).
Tracing the history of star formation in the Milky Way galaxy, astronomers have turned to the wisdom of the ancients.
Fifteen lines above, Aristotle identifies "the whole river" as place because it is motionless; now he returns to the image of water to suggest that his position agrees with the wisdom of the Ancients in the myth of Okeanos.
Through elective identification and conscious study, Black Freemasons built a genealogical tradition for themselves, articulating and re-articulating the line of descent through which the wisdom of the ancients passed on to American Blacks.
May, president of United American Industries, Inc., founded Wisdom of the Ancients in 1982, with operations based in Tempe, Arizona and Paraguay.
Opposition to his theories was theological as well as scientific: not only had Copernicus questioned and rejected the wisdom of the ancients, he had displaced man from the center of the universe.