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WEPWired Equivalent Privacy (802.11 encryption protocol)
WEPWindfall Elimination Provision (Social Security benefits)
WEPWireless Encryption Protocol (network security)
WEPWorker Education Program (various locations)
WEPWomen's Equality Party (various locations)
WEPWomen's Empowerment Principles (award)
WEPWireless Encryption Protocol
WEPWarranty Extended Package
WEPWindows Embedded Partner
WEPWired Equivalent Privacy
WEPWindows Entertainment Pack
WEPWork Experience Program (workfare)
WEPWind Energy Project (various organizations)
WEPWired Equivalent Protocol (wireless PC security)
WEPWater Environment Protection (New York)
WEPWith Extreme Prejudice
WEPWar Emergency Power (putting the engine in overdrive for short periods during air combat)
WEPWater Efficiency Program (various organizations)
WEPWest European Politics
WEPWireless Encryption Privacy
WEPWisconsin Electric Power
WEPWater-Extended Polyester
WEPWage Earner Plan (bankruptcy)
WEPWell-known Entry Point
WEPWork Exchange Program (various organizations)
WEPWord Error Probability
WEPWater Entry Pressure
WEPWomen Environmental Program (Burundi)
WEPWater-Extended Polymer
WEPWater Entry Point
WEPWork Execution Plan (various organizations)
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It's a commonplace of time-travel that it necessitates scrupulous care to avoid temporal cross contamination; that visitors from ahead are assiduous, leave nothing behind to risk changing the order of things, no pre-emptive stuff or knowledge; that implacable agencies police this, keep their ancestors' moments clean of not-yettery with extreme prejudice.
In hockey, not only is it encouraged to take your opponent out with extreme prejudice, but he can get up and knock your teeth out if he wants!
Anyone wishing to find out more about the hidden motives behind wildlife culls can order a free copy of With Extreme Prejudice: the culling of British wildlife by calling (01732) 364 546 or e-mailing info@animalaid.co.uk
Any Coventry City player seen in a nightclub should be observed with extreme prejudice.
The unfortunate bird dissolved in a puff of 5000 pounds worth of feathers ( it being `terminated with extreme prejudice' as the CIA like to say ( at the same moment as the fox.
Open Water (15) Scuba diving with extreme prejudice as sharks start nibbling on holiday couple abandoned at sea.
Most of all, your customers need to know when to pull the trigger on a customer and be willing to terminate the relationship with extreme prejudice.
The so-called safety net of welfare and its myriad reforms abandoned people of color during this recession, and did so with extreme prejudice.
Still seated cross-legged on the ground, Jorge Bustamente's head jerked violently upward, his mouth opened soundlessly and though now on seeing, his eyes widened, the Final Option, termination with extreme prejudice two inches above his eyebrows, a small black hole had appeared, definitively delivering Uncle Sam's 160-grain message.
It's time to go into battle with the war of the noses with these Tea Tree Nose Strips from Superdrug which unplug those blocked pores with extreme prejudice. Not for the faint-hearted they unearth the unspeakable from your conk while you wince at the gri me that has taken up residence right before your eyes.
Thus any graduate student sent to use the book ought to be told to treat judgments like this one with extreme prejudice: "Pound was a secular humanist, a rationalist, a man who found the meaning of life both in day-to-day pleasures and in the working of his fecund mind" (p.
We'll station right-thinking King Herod with his updated hoplites backed by Xin the Emperor's deathless terracotta battalions beside Mercury, Mars, and Athena from the province of Olympus to institute, as a deterrent, termination with extreme prejudice. Young Colonel Bonaparte, upgrading to Alexander, will distribute slaughter by African blowguns, phalanxes, tortoises from Cipango, whinnying helicopters from Attila's stables, Cyclopean missiles, and Greek fire to melt Saracens flourishing their scimitars.