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This type occurs within sentence or clause boundary.
With voice synthesis technology getting more sophisticated, even call center agents' jobs are on the line, with artificial voices now even able to mimic natural-sounding voice inflections and human expressions (like 'aahs' and 'umms' within sentences).
Avoid dependent or independent clauses, that is, until you have enough to find your way through the maze of sentences within sentences. Forget the big words, except when no other, simpler words seem right and as long as you are sure of the nuances or meanings attached to them.
Apple's Siri voice recognition system often infuriatingly capitalizes words within sentences that shouldn't be and fails to capitalize words that should be.
The topic for this article looks tautological: after all, grammar IS the study of sentences and the way words are combined to form phrases and clauses within sentences. But there are good reasons for shining a spotlight on sentence grammar.
It is usually easy to find the corresponding lines of both versions--understanding, however, that word order within sentences often differs in modern by comparison with Old English, and that a modern line often begins with what is actually the middle or second part (after the caesura) of a line in the corresponding Old English.
In summary, language is made up of discourse patterns within texts, of grammar patterns within sentences, and sound or letter patterns within words.
Traditional classroom programs, and now with the resurgence of NAPLAN, many children are meeting grammar as a 'jumping through hoops' exercise where they are simply identifying nouns and verbs within sentences. Yet such content and pedagogies are far removed from the overarching goal of grammar: to understand how language works and why it works the way that it does.
The key elements which set it apart from old prediction technology, which relies on word lists, are SwiftKey's language models that understand how words are combined within sentences.
Or perhaps she will accept, follow, and listen to the radical shifts between sentences, shifts within sentences, rather than attempt to draw connections.
Much of what gets determined as to where the emphasis lies between language-focus and narrative arc in the complex domain of contemporary narrative gets decided in those intervals, among or within sentences, where the vectors sink for a moment, into the inarticulable present.
Likewise in the sentence-production task, participant 1 again demonstrated no significant increases in use of grammatical sentences, target words within sentences, or mean number of content words per sentence.