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The ANC Youth League (ANCYL) president, Collen Maine has repeatedly called for compulsory acquisition of land without compensation.
The people of Cardiff, to whom the site was given for 850 years by the Marquess of Bute in 1880, would lose the use of this valuable land for the next 700 years without compensation.
Chapter 3, "Making Systematic Changes Can Be Shocking," is particularly telling of her financial wellbeing, because her narrative describes a church that is able to afford additional full-time staff and her own ability to work at the church full time without compensation.
It can be connected directly into the network without compensation and has a nominal power factor around 0.
Since March 2000 the government has been forcefully acquiring land from commercial white farmers without compensation for resettlement of blacks.
They point to the company's 2002 annual report, which refers to several lawsuits, including two class actions, one by employees who claim they were required to work without compensation and another by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, alleging that the company has engaged in a "systematic pattern of racial discrimination in employment opportunities.
Korn leaps, without benefit of logic, from Nostra Aetate's affirmation of God's covenant with the Jewish people to a claimed church affirmation of Israel's right to forcibly displace millions of Palestinians from their homes and property without compensation, to multiply settlements and roads that leave them isolated Bantustans, and to subject Palestinians to endless checkpoints, searches, delays, permit requirements and abusive and degrading treatment that have destroyed hope and created suicide bombers.
The Santa Clara, CA-based firm essentially did so without compensation from Covisint.
The Sklyarov case, Maher says, is the first to test the efficacy of the DMCA, which made it not only criminal to copy somebody else's work and use it without their approval and without compensation, but also made it a crime "to try to figure out a way to circumvent any copyright protection scheme .
The employees alleged that for three years before filing the action, they were required to perform essential job duties, without compensation, before the start of their shifts or after their shifts should have ended.
For 33 of the 39 years of international involvement, Arce has donated his time and expertise without compensation.