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WOLWake-On-LAN (Intel networked remote control)
WOLWings of Liberty (gaming)
WOLWorld of Love
WOLWaiver of Liability (various organizations)
WOLWonders of Life (Walt Disney World; Florida)
WOLWord of Life
WOLWomen of Lockerbie (play)
WOLWeb of Lies
WOLWay Of Life
WOLWorking Out Loud (peer support group)
WOLWeb Ontology Language (knowledge representation)
WOLWorld Online
WOLWeb Ontology Language
WOLWindows Onecare Live
WOLWriting on Label
WOLWake on Lan
WOLWindows Office Live
WOLWater of Life (Fontana, California church)
WOLWestwood Online
WOLWin or Lose
WOLWhole of Life (insurance, UK)
WOLWithout Limit
WOLWerewolves of London
WOLWorld of Legends (Utopia game server)
WOLWhinny Out Loud
WOLWoodlands Online (portal site for The Woodlands, Texas)
WOLWork on Line
WOLWow Out Loud (internet slang)
WOLWoman of Leisure
WOLWheezing Out Loud
WOLWervikse Oldtimer Liefhebbers (Dutch; Belgian classic car club)
WOLWarriors of the Land (game)
References in classic literature ?
The publicans are all obedience to their commands, never hesitating to let them run up scores without limit, knowing that, when their own money is expended, the purses of their employers must answer for the bill, or the voyage must be delayed.
That is the body of Chrysostom, who was unrivalled in wit, unequalled in courtesy, unapproached in gentle bearing, a phoenix in friendship, generous without limit, grave without arrogance, gay without vulgarity, and, in short, first in all that constitutes goodness and second to none in all that makes up misfortune.
We were three tipsy young gods, incredibly wise, gloriously genial, and without limit to our powers.
The old wanderlust had got into his blood, the joy of the unbound life, the joy of seeking, of hoping without limit.
Either she loves you without limits or--yet, if she loves you, why does she wish to marry you to another girl?
Patients detained without limit of time can spend decades in highsecurity hospitals.
Lot 2 Western Road subdivision minimum amount 30 000 EUR TTC / without limit,
United Cerebral Palsy educates, advocates and provides support services to ensure a life without limits for people with a spectrum of disabilities.
Miss Major got her job at UMass with the assistance of Work Without Limits, a public/private partnership whose mission is to advance work opportunities for individuals with disabilities in Massachusetts.
Astronomy: Science without Limits was warmly received, and everyone can now look forward to the next twenty five resource books.
2 : seeming to be without limits <She took infinite care when handling chemicals.