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There, the drain basket with contents is removed and placed into the decontamination system without personnel directly handling the contaminated instruments.
Security departments also wanted technologies where they could remotely monitor or maintain their system via the Internet and that could offer building owners a return on their investment without personnel hassles, according to Ledesma.
"Ground monitors - which have a high output branch which can be positioned to attack the fire without personnel getting too close - were used because the fire was too dangerous to approach."
Further, a permanent establishment could exist at a location without personnel to carry on business activities.
Students are geographically distributed across 18 states, over half of them in states without personnel or preparation programs in blindness and visual impairment.
Only toll roads, whose personnel were not an important factor, wer sold without personnel. In none of the cases in which personnel were transferre was the process traumatic.
And as a Security Council member, without personnel presence in every mission, we know that we need to seek the perspectives of other troop and police contributing countries as we consider issues on this Councils agenda.
With the conclusion of the contract award procedure hf3 / 18/050, A framework contract for the direct call-off for the occupational group drivers (with and without personnel permit) in employee leasing function for the period from 1.4.2019 to 30.4.2021 is to be concluded.
The trio -gigging without personnel changes for an amazing three decades -remain one of the oddest-looking bands on the scene.
with completion of the award procedure hf3 / 18/050 is a framework contract for direct call for the professional group driver (with and without personnel handling certificate) in employee leasing function to be completed for the period from 1.4.2019 to 30.4.2021.
Contract notice: collective restoration: technical assistance and delivery of foodstuffs or delivery of meals in cold connection, with or without personnel for their manufacture and related services.
In 2016 and 2017, 57 (2016) and 58 (2017) units of personnel were maintained in the central budget of ATU Gagauzia, without personnel status being approved by the State Chancellery and registered with the Ministry of Finance, as stipulated the legislative acts in force, which generated irregular remuneration for labor remuneration (including related contributions) in the amount of 4116,9 thousand lei in 2016 and 4785,4 thousand lei in the year 2017.