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WOPPWhite Oil Pipeline Project (Pakistan)
WOPPWork, Organizational and Personnel Psychology (research group; University of Leuven; Leuven, Belgium)
WOPPWithout Proper Papers
WOPPWork Order Prioritization Panel
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"Some complainants were coming without proper papers and Chief Minister was asking them to get it filled.
Thailand has been treating North Koreans who enter the country without proper papers as illegal immigrants rather than as refugees, keeping them in detention facilities along with illegal immigrants from other countries.
Sheriff Douglas Allan twice delayed fining Rodrigues to allow him to provide full details of his finances but he once again appeared without proper papers.
KOFU, Japan - Japanese immigration authorities issued a special residency permit Friday to an Iranian family of four who have been living in Japan without proper papers for a number of years, family members said.
THE government has refused to reveal how many immigrants and asylum seekers without proper papers slip through the net when entering Britain through Liverpool John Lennon airport.
* And there are the worries that pervade editors' offices these days, about whether the hardships facing anonymous foreigners without proper papers are an issue that any reader cares about.
He said: "These people were found on Yugoslav territory without proper papers and with materials not used for normal purposes.
The money was supposedly for the release of 600 of the more than 1,000 Chinese nationals found to have been working at Lam's Fontana Resorts and Casino in Pampanga without proper papers. The cash was turned over to Robles and Argosino by Lam's middleman Wally Sombero, a one-time police official; the turnover took place in another casino complex, the City of Dreams Manila.
Despite the cordon and the regular warnings, thousands of people without proper papers invariably attempt to push their luck and way into the city, often by taking rugged dirt roads and through hills.
The authorities are nothing more than free policemen for these companies because they will seize any product that enters the country without proper papers showing that he is the exclusive dealer of these items," Berro said.
A team of 20 officers from the UK Border Agency raided the PCS Food Group poultry processing factory in Oxford Street, Bilston, where they found four people working without proper papers.
Robinson agreed, saying the term "illegal immigrant" was misleading because being in this country without proper papers is a civil, not a criminal, violation.