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WOTQWithout the Quotes
WOTQWotquenne-Verzeichnis (cataloging prefix for works of composer CPE Bach)
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For example, a search for foreign military sales without the quotes will return a list of hits for every occurrence of each word, which means that, since there are 1,800 documents in Deskbook, every time any one of these documents uses the word "foreign," or "sales" the search engine will reference it for you as a "hit".
In fact you need to format the search "journal AND cardiology" (without the quotes).
Send a message to listproc@ingenia.com with the following message in the body (without the quotes): "subscribe ele-spe [your name]".
After you dial in and select #1 (FDA BBS system), log in by typing "bbs" (without the quotes).
You could also use a Google search, such as "Sculptra patient assistance" (without the quotes), or "Sculptra 2005" (also without the quotes) to locate recent articles.
Choose Run from the Start menu, type "msconfig" (without the quotes) and press Enter.
A search for "interruption HIV" (without the quotes) will find this and related articles in PLOS Medicine.
in the Incoming Mail field, type "pop3.ic24.net" (without the quotes).
Send email to aidsnews@aidsnews.org with the word "nutrition" (without the quotes) in the message Subject line.