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WITSECWitness Security
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Legislation for witness security should be done immediately.
Geagea said "we shall not witness security stability in Lebanon except in the case where the Lebanese Army and security forces (Lebanese legitimate official apparatuses) assume the responsibility of all security incidents", so that not a single incident would pass without unveiling the sides behind it.
1741, the Witness Security and Protection Grant Program Act of 2009, which would create a grant program for additional witness protection and relocation efforts for state and local governments
Eleven chapters discuss definitions of informants and sources, motivations for informing and techniques for recruiting and controlling informants, undercover purchases of evidence and probable cause, corroboration of information, informants and electronic surveillance, and the witness security program.
He added: "They are there for staff and witness security. But as for the long term, that is up to the court service."
Mr Purcell that that having been provided with 'certificates' by the Garda Commissioner and the Department of Justice accounting officer - which supported the expenditure for what he describes as the 'Witness Security Programme' - he was satisfied proper books of accounts had been kept.The financial allocation for the programme this year is E1,132,000.
(3) Paz entered the Witness Security Program (Program) in March 2003, but, due to the lure of gang life, Paz voluntarily left the Program in June.
(Witness Security Unit, Federal Correctional Institution, Otisville, New York)
If you are in the Witness Security Program (WSP) and the government has promised you the moon and the stars for your cooperation, you may have problems collecting.
Neurodynamics' Witness security system offers a low cost, compact, and reliable solution to image surveillance management, boasts the company.
Because of them, the Federal Witness Security Program emerged.