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WGWWij Gaan Winnen (Dutch: We Are Winning)
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Freescale's QorIQ LS1043A works intimately with the range of Quantenna 11ac solutions to provide the platform for new WLAN gateway and access point products where services such as user and application ID will provide best voice, video and data quality of service.
The WLAN gateway implements all the UMTS protocols required in the UMTS radio access network.
Further, the WLAN gateway does not have any direct connection to UMTS network elements.
The AR2417 supports the 802.11e QoS standard and includes a development kit with a 2-layer mini-PCI design for WLAN gateway applications and a second development kit with a 2-layer, single-side cardbus for aftermarket wireless PC cards.
The W310 WLAN Gateway and W 110 WLAN Access Point together provide a voice-optimized WLAN infrastructure that scales to support midsize to large enterprise deployments.
Table 1--Differences between a VPN switch and WLAN Gateway using key WLAN.
The gathering acceptance of standards-based 802.11 wireless LAN (WLAN) equipment as a means to augment, or even replace, traditional fixed line data networking has created a boom in what are often referred to as "wireless gateways" and "wireless switches" (although they should probably be referred to as WLAN gateway and switches to avoid any possibility of confusion with other "wireless gateway" products, for applications, messaging etc).
It is ComputerWire's opinion that, at present at least, security-focused vendors occupy the sweet-spot for WLAN gateway and switch products.
These latter three groups of companies--WLAN equipment, security appliance and other corporate networking vendors--may also be expected to add progressively more of the features that so far distinguish the WLAN gateway and switch market, another factor that may mitigate against the survival of all but a handful of today's entrepreneurial startups.
To date, the most enthusiastic adopters of standards-based WLAN technologies have mainly been confined to areas such as education, healthcare, government and retail, and it is to these industries that most WLAN gateway and switch vendors have looked for business.
The companies considered in this sample have been chosen as representative of the WLAN gateway space based on a number of criteria.
WLAN gateway feature sets are also set for an evolution, with security features becoming a subset of a range of more generic WLAN management tools.