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WERWindows Error Reporting
WERWeekly Epidemiological Record
WERWomen Elected Representatives (India)
WERWireless Edge Router
WERWorld Emergency Relief (UK)
WERWord Error Rate
WERWindow Energy Rating
WERWorld Eye Reports (est. 1987)
WERWeapons-Effect Reporting
WERWet-Etching Rate
WERWater Entry Resolution
WERWork Estimate Request
WERWork Entity Release (Saudi Aramco)
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- Watson achieved a RAW word error rate of 21.1%, compared to Marchex's RAW word error rate of 15.7%.
Average word error rate (WER) and standard error (SE) bars in matched train/test scenarios for all 10 test speakers using different cepstral normalization techniques.
According to Rashid, "even the best speech systems still had word error rates of 20 to 25 percent."
Most people make spelling errors while typing, even when trying to be accurate, and word error rates have varied based upon skill, text difficulty, and time constraints from 2.5% (Mitton, 1996) to 4.75% (Park, 2008).
The most recent studies focus on improving the performance of an ASR system in terms of the Word Error Rate (WER) [6-8].
Table I shows the recognition word error rate. Small corpus CORPI I (utterances of 11 speakers) was used to optimize the transcriptions for different methodologies.
In the 1997 DARPA broadcast news evaluations, the CMU Sphinx-III system achieved overall word error rate of 24% when multiple passes were applied [10].
The quantum improvement in word error rate that's happened in just the past year or so (now hovering at a little over 90 percent) can take some credit for raising confidence that spoken instructions will actually be understood.
HUB4 TEST SET WORD ERROR RATE 1996 29.1 1997 21.5 1998 Set 1 21.4 1998 Set 2 18.8 Speaker clustering.
Last October, researchers and engineers in Microsoft Artificial Intelligence and Research reported a speech recognition word error rate of just 5.9 percent.
This model reduced the word error rate by 4.4%, averaged over male and female, relative to the results of the conventional language model.