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The software firm released the first DOS-based version of Microsoft Word in 1983 and Word for Windows in 1989.
* Review of Word for Windows (or other HTML editor) basic functions
This part of the process also produced an error log containing the names of three files ISYS was unable to index because, according to the log, they were the "Wrong Type." All three of these documents were produced with the latest version of Microsoft Word for Windows (97), and involved the use of tables.
When I first started using Word for Windows, I was plagued by a peculiar problem with double spaces after periods that ended sentences.
weekdays (ET): Requires: Pentium 90 or faster with 256K of L2 cache; 16MB RAM (24MB with Microsoft Word for Windows 6.0c or 7.0); 30MB hard drive space; low-impedance close-talking microphone (supplied in the package); Sound Blaster 16 (compatible) sound card; Microsoft Windows 95.
Information can also be exported to Word for Windows for modification.
Unlike Dateline/2, with its XyWrite editor and Tomahawk composition program, however, Dateline/NT will use Word for Windows 95 and North Atlantic Publishing Systems' HNJ Engine (NAPS Engine).
The new word processing upgrades of, e.g., Microsoft's Word for Windows (in Office 97) and Corel's WordPerfect Suite 7, include HTML editing in WYSIWYG ("what you see is what you get").
It is hoped that Niles will develop a similar "lug-in" interface with Word for Windows, but they are mum on the subject (see editor's note).
Entire reports can be downloaded in Word for Windows 6.0.
For example, Quarterdeck's WebAuthor allows complete access to Word for Windows' editing tools such as spell check and thesaurus, WYSIWYG document creation, online help and tutorials, forms management, support for various hypertext links and GIF (a graphic format) filters compatible with CompuServe.
In minutes, he copied his resume from Word for Windows, typed a short cover letter and e-mailed both to a company that had openings in interactive television.