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I then introduce 'Word of the Week', which is a strategy we use on a weekly basis.
Coun Barry Henley brought his word of the week, boondoggle, to the council, though some were less than impressed
``Having or showing the symptoms of fever'' is how the dictionary defines the Westminster word of the week.
? WORD of the week has to be "neknomination" - an online drinking game that sees people videoing themselves downing booze in an extreme manner (on top of a horse in Tesco, anyone?) and then nominating a friend to outdo them.
The word of the week is 'awkward'', as in being in an uncomfortable situation or, as one commentator described it, 'a low grade form of shame'.
My favourite new word of the week is a fauxvitation.
FROM Athens to London, via Rome, Paris and Berlin, it''s been word of the week. Austerity: not, until now, an expression in everyday conversation.
Can''t imagine that look is going to work for everybody and you could end up looking like our word of the week - a 'hat-tastrophy.
Word of the Week has to be whinge-drinking - when you go out for a drink and end up bitching about work and colleagues.
Word of the week is 'bargainista' to describe a girl who can make cheap clothes look a million dollars.
Word of the week a he-vage the male answer to a cleavage - yes really.
Word of the week is 'Frenenemy' - someone who is supposedly a friend but delights in stabbing you in the back; every girl should have one.