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WCPMWords Correct per Minute (reading assessment method)
WCPMWords Read Correctly per Minute
WCPMWest Coast Property Management (San Francisco, CA)
WCPMWorld Class Project Management
WCPMWorlds Children Peace Monument (Berea, Ohio)
WCPMWorld Congress on Psychosomatic Medicine
WCPMWest Coast Peninsular Malaysia
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Findings suggest that repeated reading was the most effective when looking at words correct per minute, but both repeated reading and listening passage preview were effective.
The participating students scored in the "Some Risk" (i.e., 71-92 words correct per minute) or "At-risk" (i.e., < 71 words correct per minute) ranges.
Although after receiving intervention on passages student performance was in the instructional (i.e., 70-100 words correct per minute) and mastery (i.e., > 100 words correct per minute) ranges, baseline data indicate that for three out of the four participants fourth-grade reading material was at the frustrational level (i.e., < 70 words correct per minute; Shapiro, 2004).
These readings were timed using a stopwatch and recorded using a digital voice recorder, and the investigator calculated WPM and words correct per minute (WCPM) per the directions of the QRI.
Ideally, words correct per minute would have been calculated, permitting the measurement of both reading speed and errors in one metric.
In the fall, when she began using Soliloquy Reading Assistant, she was reading at 48 words correct per minute (WCPM).
The criterion for participation was for the students to perform below the 25th percentile for their grade level (i.e., 62 words correct per minute for grade 3 or 87 words correct per minute for grade 4) (Hasbrouck & Tindal, 2006).
Keywords: Reading comprehension, silent reading, oral reading, words correct per minute, curriculumbased measurement
This study compared the effects of two different listening while reading (LWR) rates on words correct per minute, accuracy, generalization, and comprehension for four 4th- and 5th-graders.
Investigators have shown that words correct per minute provides a valid, reliable, and sensitive measure of reading proficiency in students.
When the key words and previewing were reintroduced, Ralph averaged 188 words correct per minute. The range of words read per minute was 186 to 191.
The target rate for School A was 82 words correct per minute. The target rates for School B, C, and D were 72, 48, and 78 words correct per minute, respectively.