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WTTEWords to That Effect
WTTEWeapon Training/Equipment
WTTEW Television Twenty Eight (Columbus, Ohio TC station call letters)
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"ICH VERSTEHE NUR DEUTCH UND ENGLISHE,"--or words to that effect. That is, "I don't understand any language but German and English."
Bardell a good creature, and I heard him ask her to compose herself, for what a situation it was, if anybody should come, or words to that effect.'
Bardell, you're a good creature; compose yourself to this situation, for to this situation you must come," or words to that effect?'
"Curse you," I say, "get your hat," or words to that effect.
it cannot be!' or words to that effect. He recovered himself however by a great effort, and after a preparatory cough or two, cried, with a ghastly smile which is still before me, looking at the same time round the walls, 'Ha!
Behold the destroyer!' - or words to that effect - and hid my face from the light, in the sofa cushion.
Jane had assured her that it was warranted to produce any number of thrills, or words to that effect, and Anne's fingers tingled to reach out for it.
you nice, clever young man--you!" or words to that effect, he feels better.
"Pray, my good stork," said I, or German words to that effect, "why don't you stay here altogether, instead of going home and rioting away all you have earned?"
"Captain Munster will tell you what he said--something about being blowed, or words to that effect. Now I must run and wash up.
Mr Hughes was asked by prosecutor Alex Prentice QC: "Did Mr Snowden say anything about who might do this?" He replied: "He said, 'I'll see if I can get Rab to burn him out while I'm away' or words to that effect."
They reset the alarm over and over again and every time it sounds, they think the same thing, "I can't be bothered", or words to that effect. I've mentioned before that one of the beautiful things about positive thinking is that it is free and it's a choice.