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WORFWindow Observational Research Facility (International Space Station)
WORFWaba Open Robot Framework
WORFWWW Observing Remotely Facility
WORFWarriors of Rain Forest (game)
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Why, massa, taint worf while for to git mad about de matter - Massa Will say noffin at all aint de matter wid him - but den what make him go about looking dis here way, wid he head down and he soldiers up, and as white as a gose?
I ain't such a juggins as to go agen a toff as makes it worf while to do as I'm bid an' 'old me tongue.
At present, EMC also offers a permanent hiring opportunity to the top performing candidate across the programme in the UAE," says Worf.
Carpenter (with luminary sidemen such as Russ Kunkel, Dean Parks, Glenn Worf, John Jennings, Matt Rollings, and Eric Darken) has produced another gem in a life's bracelet of similar work.
Curry's bricolage assumes modernity, including the just-past and the present, as ruinous flotsam and jetsam: He roves among Barr's categories as if they were so many castoffs in a dustbin--which of course, in a sense, they are--while adding pop elements such as Wolverton comics, Star Trek's "future primitive" Klingon Worf (in the collage The Think [Taking Those Motherfuckers Out] #2), or hip-hop empress Kimora Lee Simmons (in a poster used as the base for another sculpture), and dozens of others.
They are usually to be seen waving flags and roaring like Worf off Star Trek after he's hit his thumb with a hammer.
My advice to you Pantodame, in true Eastenders patois, is to "Leeeve it, it's not worf it
In this installment, Riker finally marries Deanna and leaves for his own command; Worf returns to be the First Officer of the Enterprise; and Dr.
During these sessions of voyeurism he learned about the blues life by witnessing two murders, and about blues music when he realized that, without it, his life "'weren't worf a damn'" (108).
JOAN Hannington strides into the luxury hotel, takes a good look around and asks: "Anyfing 'ere worf nicking?
This season of the best of the ``Star Trek'' series brings in Klingon Worf (Michael Dorn, left) from the ``Next Gen'' crew and adds more action.
Health officials in Portland have now appealed for an interpreter who speaks the language of Starship Enterprise officer Worf.