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W/CWith Care
W/CWatercolor (painting)
W/CWater Cushion
W/CWorking Capital
W/CWheel Chair
W/Cwater closet (half bathroom)
W/Cwalk-in closet
W/CWound Care
W/CWater-Cement Ratio (concrete mix design)
W/CWith Comment
W/CTungsten Carbide (Tungsten = Wolfram)
W/CWork Center
W/CWord Choice
W/CWritten Correspondence
W/CWorkers Compensation policy (insurance)
W/CWeek Closing (referring to a date or deadline)
W/CWord Clearing
W/CWrong Conversation
References in classic literature ?
Very often a definite theme may be found about which the whole work centers, as for instance in 'Macbeth,' The Ruin of a Man through Yielding to Evil.
The Education and Work Center is a partnership between Elgin Community College, Harper College, the Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership and the village of Hanover Park.
Orthopaedic rehabilitation company Athletico Physical Therapy disclosed on Friday the execution of a definitive agreement to acquire The Work Center for an undisclosed value.
The Work Center has nine clinics specialising in physical and occupational therapy for work-related injuries.
A civilian executive who advises each officer on academic and work center requirements manages day-to-day administration of the JOCCP.
Rnd 3: Knit to marker, work center lace panel between markers, knit to marker at end of round.
Scenes with writers such as Alan Dugan, Gregory Corso, and Robert Creeley underscore the work center's high-spirited environment.
Sans also said the Health and Body Work Center advertised online with explicit pictures, a list of certain sex acts provided and customer reviews that make it clear that they are offering "sex for a fee." The Web ads were traced back to the defendants, Ms.
Every month, each of the 101 work centers on base validates its entire inventory of HAZMAT with the CHRIMP center.
The company is also unique in that it remains a vertically integrated company, with some 31 work centers on the floor.