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As regards to work factors affecting job satisfaction, participants were most satisfied with quality of care and dentist-patient relation, and were less satisfied with staff performance, monetary satisfaction and the professional and personal time.
In order to address this problem and correct for the discrepancies introduced by the use of a multiplicative shift work factor, several possible solutions were investigated.
Importance of Psychological Work Factors on General Health Outcomes in The National French SUMER survey.
Ramapo College Gen Y Students Compared to Catalyst Executives: Work Factors You Are Most Satisfied With % Ramapo Gen Y % Catalyst Select Executive Select RW RM CW CM Availability of mentors 17 27 23 17 Being valued by company leadership 32 48 64 65 Career advancement opportunity 47 60 57 65 Compensation compared to others 21 18 58 65 Current employer in general 31 24 79 80 Current position 18 19 80 87 Decision-making responsibility 31 24 64 70 Financial compensation 36 44 72 75 Immediate supervisor 21 21 69 75 Opportunity to develop 39 49 69 72 Opportunity to network 33 30 57 63 Recognition for doing a good job 64 52 61 62 Table 10.
Concerning the work factor, the richest member states would prefer the exclusive use of the notion of total payroll while new member states insist that the number of employees is kept in the calculation.
The aims of this investigation are, therefore, the following: first, to confirm the importance of work factors as a risk factor for the youthful population of Spain.
Quantitative overload is a significant WRMD psychosocial work factor because it affects the extent of exposure and the frequency of upper-extremity actions.
The full-time work factor is very similar to the "set hours of work" factor--if the worker is allowed to determine the number of hours worked, independent contractor status is generally indicated, but if the hiring party requires full-time work, this type of control indicates employee status.
With regard to the volume of work factor, executives in firms employing between 20 and 199 people seem to be most at risk, the lowest level being experienced by executives in firms employing over 1,000 people.
Whether the work is published or unpublished or in or out of print are typically considered as part of the nature of the work factor.
If the work factor cost is high to reach a solution in an acceptable period of time, then the code is considered resistant to cryptanalysis.
Recent security trends stress continuous adaptation to increase attacker work factor and to confound reverse-engineering.