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WFDPWork Force Development Program
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Rising above these challenges, the Maryland State Department of Education and the DOC continued to host periodic real and mock career fairs, employer appreciation celebrations, career exploration and work force development programs.
Through a regional economic development strategy and branding, the partnership offers targeted business incentives, networking opportunities, regional business development programs and work force development programs and services.
238,000: Regional work force development programs at Quinsigamond Community College.
Department of Labor work force development programs should be strengthened, and financial aid programs should be amended, so that students, including those who study part time, can be adequately supported.
HCCI will provide job training through its Construction Trades Academy and other work force development programs and will propose candidates for construction and permanent jobs generated by Apollo's real estate projects, with the goal of targeting employment to Upper Manhattan residents.
For example, some cities have required employers receiving economic development subsidies to consider workers referred by work force development programs.
NLC has entered into a cooperative agreement with the Department of Labor's Employment and Training Administration to help cities implement work force development programs funded under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.
College officials said the state could help with capital funds for the industry and work force development programs, even as the colleges continue working with businesses to create training that will help prepare workers for jobs, said John E.
Ted Kulongoski a $570 million two-year budget for community colleges and work force development programs.