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WLWestliche Länge (German: western longitude)
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Walking into Meleco's home away from home, Hangar 83 on Robins, the work leader is immediately greeted by three of his co-workers, exchanging ribbing while planning out the work they'll be doing for the day.
Military social work leaders derive professional, as well as personal, fulfillment from serving the organization rather than self-interests.
This line of inquiry suggests that the social work leader pay more attention to the various situations that demand interventions.
Reporting the results of a survey on attitudes and perceptions of leadership among social work leaders, the authors of this article hope to contribute to efforts by CSWE, the National Association of Social Workers (NASW), and social work education programs to focus on leadership development.
We were able to reduce floor board defects and cut flow days," said Darrell Harman, the sheet metal work leader.
Berkman has truly modeled what it is to be a social work leader, and we are proud to present just a few examples of the scholarship generated by those she has led.
Easing back the throttle and sounding the horn an a 3,000-horsepower locomotive, coal rail operations work leader Jerry Rice keeps a watchful eye on an upcoming crossroad that he rates as the most dangerous intersection on Eielson.
Anthony "Tony" Taylor, food service work leader, has more than 20 years of food preparation experience under his apron, and more than 12 years of cooking for Travis airmen.