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In other words there was plenty of talk about creating a land of opportunity, saving for the rainy days, uniting the nation, encouraging work not welfare and always being on the side of hardworking people.
To reform tax and benefit systems to encourage work not welfare.
But on the other side is Work Not Welfare, an alliance of corporate
Work Not Welfare was actually the pure predecessor to W-2, because it required welfare recipients in two counties -- the same booming one where W-2 was later announced and one suburban county across from Minnesota's Twin Cities -- to work and get financial planning or their welfare benefits would end.
Another pilot program called Work Not Welfare (WNW) began in January 1995 in two counties, Fond du Lac and Pierce.
In its Work Not Welfare (WNW) program, Wisconsin provides a maximum of 24 months of cash benefits within a four-year eligibility window, along with 12 months of transitional child care and medical benefits within the four years.
So last year Thompson announced his latest broadside, called Work Not Welfare, which, under a waiver granted by the federal government, initially affects two Wisconsin counties.
Under Thompson's Work Not Welfare plan, a typical welfare family's situation would be radically different.
And if you don't participate in Work Not Welfare, you immediately lose AFDC.
The governor says the program, Work Not Welfare, would make welfare "what it was meant to be--a temporary hand up, not a permanent handout.
Under the legislation creating the Work Not Welfare project, Wisconsin will abolish AFDC Jan.
In Wisconsin, the Work Not Welfare program was not given federal approval until the state agreed to continue Medicaid assistance for those who were removed from the rolls through the limits.